A different kind of waterfall
"A different kind of waterfall"
lanaquarell cold press

I was playing around and thought I wanted a landscape with a different twist. Thinking about it I saw a paper bag on my kitchen counter and the idea a waterfall coming out of the paper bag was in my mind. I am not so good with painting animals and so the horse looks a little strange, but what the heck, its the idea that counts.

claudia Arztmann
The Falls -- Croatia
"The Falls -- Croatia"
9 1/2" x 13 1/4
transparent watercolor on 300 lb. Arches

Just a few of the hundreds of waterfalls at the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Painted from one of my many, many photographs made on a visit in June of 2008. A really magical spot.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg
Big Spring Creek Falls, Washington
"Big Spring Creek Falls, Washington"
140# ArchesCP- Daniel Smith Watercolors

Big Spring Creek Falls is located in Clifford Pinchot National Forest between Mt. St Helens and Mt. Adams. Over the 4th of July I went on a hunting trip looking for waterfalls to paint for my recent waterfall workshop. The workshop was this past week and the painting you see here was painted during the workshop (2.5 hrs) It still needs a few finishing touches but I wanted to get my entry posted earlier this month. Thanks to everyone who voted for waterfalls!

Susie Short
14'' x 8''
Arches Rives BK 300 gsm

A try at a new subject for me - Rives BK allows easy "wipe-out" to make an effective waterfall - a result from a workshop with Tasmanian artist Tony Smibert

Roy Boston
Aqua Azul
"Aqua Azul"
12" x 18"
Canson 300 Cold Press/Winsor Newton

Aqua Azul is located in the Chiapas state of Mexico (very southern). An eden-like gorgeous set of many falls and countless pools of varying hues of blue. I've never been very good at painting waterfalls but they certainly do have an alluring effect and in my case a very intriguing subject matter.

Barry Launius
Blackwater Falls
"Blackwater Falls"
18" x 24"
illustration board with gesso/Holbein watercolors

This painting was done on illustration board covered with a layer of gesso applied with a bristle brush. The watercolor pigment collects in the gesso and emphasizes the texture. Blackwater Falls is located in Blackwater Falls State Park in the mountains of northern West Virginia, one of my favorite spots.

Barbara Sailor
Westward Inn
"Westward Inn"

I started painting this painting with the weekly outdoor art group from Sanibel Island, Florida. It was finished in my studio from a digital photo.

Pauline Healey
Kursunlu Falls
"Kursunlu Falls"
Arches cold press, W&N

Kursunlu Falls are in Southern Turkey close to Antalya. When my mother saw the painting she said "You have gone there in summer". I asked why, she said "There is no water there!" :)

Betul Aydiner
Thunder & Thrust
"Thunder & Thrust"
BFK Rives-mixed watermedia

After purchasing Pat Dews DVD, I used her atomizer (available at Cheap Joe's)to try this waterspray technique.

June Haynes
Little Waterfall
"Little Waterfall"
5" x 7"
Arches 140 lb. cold press bright white paper

This was done as one of the 5" x 7" paintings that I did to use up some paper. It has been sold so I no longer have it. It was great fun to try this subject, and it has no white paint on it.

Cecilia Price
Waterfall at Mammoth Springs
"Waterfall at Mammoth Springs"
9 1/2" x 22"
Arches Bright White 140#

I had an unusual sized frame and was looking for something to go into it, and this tremendous waterfall fit the bill. Located in northern Arkansas, Mammoth Springs produces 9 million gallons of water which goes over this dam which used to produce electricity. On a hot summer day, this waterfall fills the air with a cool spray which is heavenly.

Carla Quataert
Waterfall Imagined
"Waterfall Imagined"
7 x 10
Arches 140 CP with W & N paints

Judy Silver
Gomez Mill
"Gomez Mill"
12" x 16"
Arches 140 lb cold press

Painted on site at a local museum in the oldest house in Orange County,NY 1712. The mill is a restoration of the deteriorating original.

M.E. Whitehill
Cascade à Chambéranger, Savoie
"Cascade à Chambéranger, Savoie"
15' x11'
W&N on Fabriano Artistico CP traditional white

This quick watercolor sketch was done on site. The sun has already gone, but I could not resist giving it a try.

Gilles Durand
Yosemite Falls Dogwood
"Yosemite Falls Dogwood"

Some years ago I did a stint teaching at the Art Activity Center in Yosemite. This was painted alongside the road at the Yosemite Lodge where there is a great full view of the falls.

Donna Barnes-Roberts
Waterfalls in the Ozarks
"Waterfalls in the Ozarks"
22" x 30"
d'Arches watercolor paper - Daniel Smith Paints

There are lots of rocky ledges with many waterfalls in the Ozarks. Painting waterfalls or any subject with creeks and water demands some close attention to accomplish its flowing pattern.

Virginia Haines
Powerhouse Falls
"Powerhouse Falls"
20" X 14"
W/N 140CP W/N Watercolor an Gouache

The reference photo was taken in the fall of 1982, somewhere in upstate NY. I love the powerhouse, the falls and the yellow-green patch of grass to the right center.

Frank Murphy
Waterfall in the Fern Garden
"Waterfall in the Fern Garden"
12" x 16"
Sennelier watercolors on Richeson 140 lb. Cold Press

The Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park is steps away from my studio in Woodstock, Vermont. It is the smallest of the United States National Parks and is dedicated to the history of conservation having been the home of three significant environmentalists. Here, Elizabeth Billings, daughter of Frederick Billings, planted a fern garden with 5 terraced waterfalls in the late 19th century. I am fortunate enough to take many of my classes there for painting on location. This is the third of a ser

Annette Compton
Hidden Valley Springs
"Hidden Valley Springs"
14x20 in.
Winsor & Newton watercolors on Arches paper

This is one of the many waterfalls from natural water springs that fill a number of pools in Hidden Valley, Philippines. Hidden Valley, in Laguna province, is a natural springs resort located at the foot of Mt. Makiling, a dormant volcano associated with local myths. The resort sits amidst a forest of giant century-old fruit trees, tropical shrubs and flowering plants.

Eileen Bondoc-Escueta