Vacation Inspiration


""Sweet Italian memories""
Winsor newton paints on Arches 140lb cp paper

This painting has very mixed emotions attached to it, we were racing back to the States during a wonderful dear Italian mother had just passed away and her funeral was pending!

Trish Kaloostian
The Entry to Beaver Lake
"The Entry to Beaver Lake"
10" x 7"
140 lb. Fabriano Artistico cold-pressed watercolor paper

I painted this piece in October in the north woods of Wisconsin while visiting the Natural Lakes nature preserve north of Boulder Junction.

Barbara Sailor
16" x 13"
Watercolour - Arches 185gsm Rough

Last September, we had a trip from Cairns to the most northern point of Australia, Cape York. By four wheel drive Mercedes bus, it was over very rough roads in Australian outback - The painting is of a billabong (waterhole) not far from the Jardine River crossing. I love the Aussie colours of the outback - so different from home in New Zealand

Roy Boston
Asian Afternoon, VietNam
"Asian Afternoon, VietNam"
Fabriano Artistico XW 300HP

This painting grew from on-location sketches and photos during a visit to VietNam for the turn of the millennium. The fantastic mountains, canals and paddies and steamy afternoon atmospheric perspective furnished the basis for this work, part of my "Water Marks" exhibition.

Barry D. Lindley
16 x 20

On a boat ride to Mikonos, a man was selling these beautiful shells. Of course, I had to buy one. Wonderful scenes everywhere.

Mision San Javier
"Mision San Javier"
1/4 sheet
W&N 140# CP

Way back in the mountains above Loreto, Baja California Sur lies the old mission of San Javier. It was well worth the terrifying drive up.

Patrick Davis
La Alhambra
"La Alhambra"
9.5" x 12.5"
W&N on 140lb Fabriano Artistico C.P.

This is one of two quick plein air sketches I did of La Alhambra, while in Granada, Spain in May 2011.

Gilles Durand
9 to 5 in Barbados
"9 to 5 in Barbados"
14" x 8"
Watercolor / Arches paper

I've been making a yearly pilgrimage to Barbados for the past 8 years, along with my parents who have been going there for almost 30 years! This is what a hard day at the office looks like on Dover Beach…

Mary Doane
Place Marchal, Calvi
"Place Marchal, Calvi"
28cm x 36cm
Artist Quality Paint on Arches Watercolor Paper

This is a scene from the beautiful town of Calvi in Corsica.

Lorraine Arsenault
Driftwood at the beach
"Driftwood at the beach"
15 x 22 inch
lanaquarelle cold press

We live far from an Ocean, so waves and surf have a special fascination for me. But I prefer to watch it from the shore . Driftwood at the beach is a painting of Olymic National Park that we visited with my husband and two sons. They couldn't resist to go for a swim but I was terrified because of the warning of logs in the water.

claudia Arztmann
Mystery and Light II -- Segesta
"Mystery and Light II -- Segesta"
18 x 25 image
torchon paper -- Winsor & Newton paints

What remains of the evocative Greek temple in Segesta Sicily.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg