Street Scenes

Another Mercedes in Woodstock, VT
"Another Mercedes in Woodstock, VT"
16" x 12"
Daniel Smith watercolors with pen on 140lb Fabriano Hot Press

Pen & Ink on hot press paper is one of my favorite ways to work on location. The brevity of the time on site keeps my touch light and fresh. Street scenes are my favorites as people and cars move in an out of the scene keeping me alert for changes in the composition. I use a Sharpie pen directly, no pencil and respond to my environment as quickly and expressively as I can.

Annette Compton
Let's Dance!
"Let's Dance!"
21 x 14
Arches 140 lb/ Winsor Newton watercolors

The scene is a composition of several photos I took a few years ago while visiting Prague. What a lovely sunny day this was with musicians and dancers! Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in the city and a beautiful historical monument!

Rosie Phillips

""Street in Polperro""
waterford 22lb watercolor W/N

I caught this picture as the sun came out at the end of a rainy afternoon.

Phyllis McDonough
A leap in the dark
"A leap in the dark"
Fabriano Uno 300 lbs, watercolor, acrylics

I found this formation on a wall, while I was walking in a village street in Chalkididi, Greece.

George Politis
Early Morning Bridge St, Melbourne
"Early Morning Bridge St, Melbourne"
700mm x 520mm (full sheet)
Arches Cold Press

My wife and I were travelling through Melbourne, Victoria, a couple of years ago and I woke up at sunrise one morning and got some great shots which formed the basis of this work.

Joe Cartwright
Ayvalik street
"Ayvalik street"
Daler Rowney W&N

Ayvalik is a seaside town inhabited since prehistoric ages in Norteastern Aegean. Ayvalık and its environs are famous for the highly appreciated quality of olive oil production. Having had a large Greek population until 1925, the streets of old town exhibit examples of Greek-Ottoman architecture.

Betul Aydiner
Dark Horse
"Dark Horse"
14x20" (36x51cm)
Watercolor on Arches

A bright summer day on the tony streets of Scarsdale New York. The Dark Horse is the name of an antiques and accessory store that I like in the Village.

Miriam Schulman
Place du Chateau
"Place du Chateau "
17" x 13"
Watercolor on Arches Paper

I'm a Canadian artist who was lucky to live in the South of France for 5 years. This watercolor was done for the many sketches and photos that I took during my stay. This particular scene was taken in Corsica. The title of the painting is an hommage to French friends of ours, since this was their address.

Lorraine Arsenault
Lightrail Station, Hillsboro Or.
"Lightrail Station, Hillsboro Or."
Quarter sheet
Arches - Cold Press

This street scene was painted Plein Air in July this year for a competition within the business district of Hillsboro, just outside Portland. Close to 50 artists participated-Robert Gamblin was the juror - received an Honorable mention. Woo Hoo!

Carrie Holst
The market at Cotignac
"The market at Cotignac"
11 x 14
Arches Rough

Cotignac - A little village in Provence that I spent a delightful week some years ago has a very active market that provides many pictures

Roy Boston
Street Scene in Italy
"Street Scene in Italy"
12" x 8"
140 lb. Canson watercolor paper with transparent watercolors

This was painted from a photograph taken by a friend during a trip through Italy in 2007.

Barbara Sailor
Rue des Charettes, Locronan, Brittany
"Rue des Charettes, Locronan, Brittany"
14" x 20"
W&N on Fabriano Artistico C.P. 140lb

Locronan is a charming, well preserved old village in Brittany. It was established on an ancient sacred Celtic site converted to the Christian cult in the VIIth century by the Irish born Bishop Saint Ronan. I was taken by the lightfilled atmosphere and the pattern of shadows created by the strong backlighting.

Gilles Durand
15 x 22 inch
lanaquarell cold press

This is a painting completly painted out of my mind. Inspired by a visit to chinatown in San Francisco a couple of years ago.

Claudia Arztmann
15 Glouchester Mews
"15 Glouchester Mews"
14" h x 11" w D' Arches 140lb CP watercolor paper block
W & N Transparent Artist's pan paints in a travel palette

One of very first paintings. Executed mostly on site, in London (1991), in the rain. A TRUE WATERCOLOR.

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Bryant Park
"Bryant Park"
12" x 16" image
Arches 140 lb cold press

View of Southern boundary of the park at 40th St. The New York Public Library lies partly in the park, which is privately owned and managed. It was winter so I made the painting from sketches.

M.E. Whitehill
7" x 10"
transparent watercolor on 300 lb. Arches

Morning light rakes across a street cafe in Croatia. Jet lag had me out roaming before the rest of the world was awake.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg
11 x 15
Arches 140#

While visiting friends in PR, took a lovely walk around Old San Juan. The beautiful, vibrant colors longed to be painted -- also, the strong sunlight, even in Feb.

Doris Roberts

""Night Life""
Watercolor on Paper

This painting was painted live at the Los Angeles County Fair. It was almost 100 degrees at 10PM at night, and I was wilted, but went outside the Art Building (blessedly air conditioned), and saw this wonderful food stand lit up in the night.

Donna Barnes-Roberts