Winter in the Back Country
"Winter in the Back Country"
18" x 12"
Arches Rough 185 gsm

Winter in the back country of Canterbury, not far from Methven, in the South Island of New Zealand. The mountains are the Southern Alps - good for skiing and climbing. Painted last winter - it's the height of summer at the moment! - temp 25 degrees C.

Roy Boston
Pines in the Snow
"Pines in the Snow"
7" x 5"
140 lb. Canson Tientes cold-pressed watercolor paper

This is a small watercolor painting completely from my mind.

Barbara Sailor
Vercors, le Refuge du Clariant
"Vercors, le Refuge du Clariant"
15" x 20"
W&N on Fabriano Artistico C.P. 140lb

Gilles Durand
20 x 16
Arches 140#

This is my 2nd attempt at this pretty wintery scene in NYC -- the first one got sold immediately, and my family all groaned because they wanted it. Ergo, a similar one that I from which I made giclees. Probably looks a lot like this today!

Doris Roberts
windmill storm
"windmill storm"
11 x 30
wc, gesso on d'Arches rough

We have been sprouting windmills here in upstate NY. I am drawn to paint them.

Martha Keim-St. Louis
Coming to Chester
"Coming to Chester"
1/4 sheet
W&N 140# CP

One of several paintings I did of this scene after a late fall hike

Patrick Davis
Vermont Vacation
"Vermont Vacation"
16" x 20"
Arches 140 lb cold pressed

Inns in Vermont often have winter vacation specials for the Holidays. Painting was sold but I used photo of it for Christmas cards.

Mary E. Whitehill
Winter Blues
"Winter Blues"
20" x 28"
Watercolor on Arches 300# CP

I attempted to get as much color as possible into this winter scene. It was an actual scene in PA that I sketched and took photos for details.

Richard Price
Washington Side Street, After the Storm
"Washington Side Street, After the Storm"
watercolor on Strathmore Plate Illustration Board

This was painted after hiking around my neighborhood in the wake of last winter's big DC snowstorm. Our apartment is in the building at the end of the street (Devonshire Lane, just off Connecticut, near the National Zoo).

Barry D. Lindley
Cottage in the forest
"Cottage in the forest"
15 x 22 inch

One of my older paintings. I covered watercolor paper with gesso and startet with a wash of blue color using plasic wrap to create texture. Building up more and more color and with cotton swabs taking color away again to create snow.

Claudia Arztmann
Shadow Shapes -- January
"Shadow Shapes -- January"
13 1/2 x 20
300lb Arches cold press -- mostly Winsor Newton paints

Painted from a photograph taken some years ago after a substantial snowfall in Harpers Ferry West Virginia.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg
Winter Ride
"Winter Ride"
14 x 11
Fabriano Uno HP

Judy Silver
February #1
"February #1"
Watercolor on 300# paper

A cold February day.

Annika Farmer
Winter Wilderness
"Winter Wilderness"
Arches 140# CP

Susie Short
The Beach
"The Beach"
33/70 cm

tecnique Ala prima

Selma Todorova