John Singer Sargeant, WC

20" x 14"
Arches 140#

Saw this beautiful fountain while visiting the NY Botnical Garden in the Bronx.

The Skidmore Fountain
"The Skidmore Fountain"
6 X 9 inches
Watercolor / Watercolor cold press paper

Sketch done Today (May 6th) down in Old Town, Portland Oregon. This fountain is where old Portland residents watered their horses right around the turn of the century. Now this plaza is a busy weekend market area with the light rail passing through every 15 minutes.

Carrie Holst
11" x 14"
Canson 300

Apparently I misunderstood. I certainly have plenty of photos of other fountains I could have painted. I sure have a deeper appreciation for the "real masterpiece" now!

Barry Launius
Yamparaez Church, Early Morning
"Yamparaez Church, Early Morning"
Winsor & Newton 140 CP

This church, in Bolivia, afforded an opportunity for very chromatic darks, loosely painted, an architectural theme but very much light, not objects.

Barry D. Lindley
Sunday River Rocks
"Sunday River Rocks"
Arches paper & w/c paint

W/C paper has been prepared by first painting over it with gesso. I then sand it a little and paint a coat of gel that has been thinned with water. The paper now acts almost like yupo. I love John Singer Sargent's whites. They are full of color.

Pauline Healey
Fontaine Bartholdi
"Fontaine Bartholdi"
14 3/8" x 18 1/2"
W&N on Fabriano Artistico Cold Pressed

This fountain by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, who is also the author of the Statue of Liberty (NYC), was originally intended for the city of Bordeaux and was finally bought by the city of Lyon, where it can be seen Place des Terreaux. It is not to be confused with the "Bartholdi Fountain" by the same sculptor, which can be seen in Washington DC.

Gilles Durand
11 x 15 inch
Lanaquarell cold press

At first I tried to copy the painting of John Singer Sargent and experienced a lot of difficulties. So I found a photo of this fountain in the internet( hope with publishing the source of my image I don't violate copyright.

Claudia Arztmann
A Spanish Fountain
"A Spanish Fountain"
9" x 15"
140 lb. Canson Cold-pressed watercolor paper

I studied the paintings of Sargent, found a reference photograph of a fountain on Wet Canvas, and attempted to do my "Sargent" painting. I failed - it is almost totally in my style - I tried!

Barbara Sailor
Swann Memorial Fountain
"Swann Memorial Fountain"
approx 12 x 11
Fabriano Uno hotpress

The Swann Memorial Fountain is located on Logan Circle in Philadelphia, PA. Years ago,I worked at the Natural History Museum just across the Parkway from this treasure and spent many enjoyable hours admiring it. Trying to emulate Sargeant in doing this small vignette proved to be a lesson in what a true master he was. I think I'll try again, this time including the entire fountain.

Judy Silver
Sargent's fountain
"Sargent's fountain"
arches w/c paper w/n paint

My attempt at painting "Sargents Fountain"

Phyllis McDonough

""The Pierian Muses""
Arches 640gr

This is a fountain here in Katerini, North Greece, in a square called "Fountain's Square". I just finish my painting, an inspiration after Sargeant, and name it, "The Pierian Muses".Wet on wet with ink.

Simeon Dermentzidis