D'Amour et de Tendresse
"D'Amour et de Tendresse"
21 high x 12 inches
Arches 140 lb

This painting was done from life. Those Darwin tulips are from my garden and their scent brings you to heaven.

Lorraine P. Dietrich, iaf, news

18 X 11 cm
Arches 840 gr .2002

The 4th painting of a tetraptych, titled 'HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTGY BODY', a peripheral miniature exhibition with international participation, in the cadre of Olympic Games, Athens, 2004, in whiche I took place.

Simeon Dermentzidis
Spring Daffodils
"Spring Daffodils"
16" x 12"
Arches Rough 180gsm

Our last spring had a profusion of flowers - and daffodils are well represented. I guess we are out of step with much of the world - summer is just ending with the prospect of winter to come - so the topic of spring flowers is full of hope.

Roy Boston
Purple Iris 2
"Purple Iris 2"
Arches cold press watercolor block

The iris is my favorite flower to paint, and all winter I look forward to seeing them bloom. This painting was done in January, 2010, for an art show at a local gallery that ended last week. I loved painting it!

Leslie Brasher
Orange Pansies
"Orange Pansies"
9 x 15 insch
winsor & newton cold press

Very quick sketch of some pansies from my garden. ( The paper just dried )In real life they are violett but I wanted them to be orange. To me that feels more like Spring

Claudia Arztmann
Mock Orange
"Mock Orange"
9 1/2" x 13 1/4
arches 300 lb cold press --mostly Winsor and Newton paints

Gwendolyn C. Bragg
Daler Rowney

These were not wild daisies but cultivated ones, but they looked gorgeous on a sloping garden in South Aegean. I have been criticised for extreme photographic likeness with this one.

Betul Aydiner
Think Spring
"Think Spring"
11" x 15"
140 lb arches cold press

I used only one stem of the narcissus as I prefer leaving the blooms in the garden.

M. E. Whitehill
arches 140lb w/c paper/ winsor newton paint

Daffodild say spring to me and this one has been a long time coming!

Phyllis McDonough
" Rhododendron"
Arches 140 CP

Michelle Himes
Spring Blossoms
"Spring Blossoms"
9" x 12"
140 lb. cold-pressed Arches/Holbein paint

Barbara Sailor
10" h x16" w
Transparent watercolor on 140 lb D'Arches CP

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt, IAF
30 X 22

Painted this a few years ago when the beautiful columbines were blooming in my garden. I took a close-up view with my camera to catch the wonderful details of this flower.

Watercolor on Arches 140lb. paper

My Florida neighbour's garden was in full bloom. I captured many views of these georgeous flowers.

June Haynes
Iris at Giverny
"Iris at Giverny"
Watercolor on Fabriano Uno 140 lb SP

This painting was developed out of a wish to build an abstract painting in which "background" and subject are intimately related as part of a field of interesting shapes and a simple color harmony: "violet and green as the Romeo and Juliet of colors." I've drawn and painted lots of irises, so it is actually, in my way of looking at things, also very representational at the same time it is abstract. The specific study materials came from Monet's garden, hence the title. Although the iris could be anywhere, it is certainly from Art.

Barry D. Lindley
Red hollyhock
"Red hollyhock"
22 x 15
watercolor on arches paper

this is one I did a few years ago, but still love. I think I painted it before I really learned color, from Nita Leland and Stephen Quiller. I think I got it accidentally.

Martha Keim-St. Louis
Iris II
"Iris II"
10" x 8"
Arches watercolor paper

Another iris for the Spring collection !

Lorraine Arsenault
Romantic Ruffles
"Romantic Ruffles"
Watercolor on Arches Cold Press 140 Lb

This large romantic watercolor depicts the state flower of Tennessee, the purple iris. This watercolor is loosely drawn in pencil and painted with vibrant washes of gold, purple, blues and grays. This is a one of a kind signed artwork. The edges of the paper have been taped before painting to leave a white border around the art. Enjoy the beauty of these flowers year round in this dramatic watercolor. http://www.MiriamSchulmanStudio.com

Miriam Schulman
Golden Iris
"Golden Iris"
8 x 12
140 lb Arches CP / Daniel Smith Extra Fine WC

Another Iris! I had already selected this iris to send to the Spring Flowers exhibit and after the other lovely iris were dispalayed I started not to submit this one. At least this one is an iris of a different color. Confessing, this is one of my favorite flowers to paint too. Great flower show everyone!

Susie Short