Afternoon Delight
"Afternoon Delight"
9" x 12"
140 lb. cold-pressed Arches/Holbein paint

Barbara Sailor
Plum Crustada
"Plum Crustada"
5 x 7 inchs
Strathmore #140

A friend and I went to a small outdoor Bistro called the Cafe Autogrille. We were just going to take in some different scenery, maybe just draw the surrounding vegetation but we were quite taken with the delicate little pastries they sold so we drew our food instead.

Carrie Holst
6" x 8"
Arches 140lb Cold Press. Windsor Newton yellow, permanent Rose

I rent my gallery space at a Farm Market that had such luscious fruit it is tempting to paint food every day. This time of year the peaches are dripping with sweet juice and I buy them every day.

M. E. Whitehill
Bok Choy © 1996
"Bok Choy © 1996"
28 1/2' h x 24 1/4 " w
transparent watercolor on 140 lb. CP

One of my earlier pieces. Collection of Dr. Alice Mao, Houston, TX. I was attracted to both the texture of the vegetable and the cobalt blue ties around each of them.

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt, IAF
Blue Luster & Bananas
"Blue Luster & Bananas"
24 X 30 Framed

One of the Art Association had a show that the subject was food. I painted the picture quickly from a setup using fresh fruit. The background is the skirt of a square dance dress.

Pauline Healey
A Well Balanced Beginning
"A Well Balanced Beginning"
16" x 10"
Canson 140

This one was really a struggle as I had Rotator Cuff Surgery 4 days ago on my painting arm-whew! I played with it and had fun- that IS what it's all about, right?

Barry Launius
Remake of Cezanne’s Still Life with Onions
"Remake of Cezanne’s Still Life with Onions"
11 x 14
140 lb Arches cold pressed, watercolors

A local gallery hosted an exhibit of Old Master's remakes. I chose Cezanne's Still Life with Onions because of the challenge of a white tablecloth, dark muted background and the simple onions. It was a joy to paint this in a watercolor version of his famous oil. It was accepted into the juried show.

Rosie Phillips
Les pommes / Apples
"Les pommes / Apples"
12 x 15 inches
watercolour on Arches 140 marouflé on board

Bright red apples from the province of Québec are famous in many countries. I wanted to show their attractive colour. The pottery is also from Québec where pottery-makers are very much appreciated.

21" x 27"
Arches 300#

This is the 4th in a crystal series, using the same bowl. It takes a goodly time to do these, but the grapes were also daunting, painting them individually.

Doris Roberts
4" x 6"
wn wc on arches cold-pressed

Martha Keim-St. Louis
Ready to Eat
"Ready to Eat"
7 x 10 in
Winsor and Newton watercolors on Arches paper

Eileen Bondoc-Escueta
10 x 14
arches 300 lb cold press --mostly Winsor and Newton paints

Class demonstration for a white on white set up.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg