Fall Colors

Load of colours
"Load of colours"
22" x 12"
Arches 300 lb hot press

Colourful fall leaves are one of those things that I just can't walk by without picking them up, bringing them inside, and eventually painting them !

Mary Doane
Sunflower with Squash
"Sunflower with Squash"
19" h x 29 1/2" w
W & N Transparent watercolor on Saunder's Waterford 140 lb. CPP

Not liking Fall vegetables, my daughter was ecstatic that all but two of the squash had gone bad by the time I completed this painting. : )

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Leaf Pattern
"Leaf Pattern"
12" x 16"
Arches 140lb

These leaves covered my driveway and are all from the same tree, a silver maple. They do not have the brilliant colors of other species but the variety intrigued me.

M.E. Whitehill
Charme rustique / Rustic Charm
"Charme rustique / Rustic Charm"
12 x 16 pouces / inches
Arches 140 gros grain / rough

This still life in watercolour was done from those beautiful items in front of me (not from photo). An artist friend of mine told me to put the painting into a juried competition. It was Finalist at the National " RĂªves d'Automne " in 2006 and the winning paintings were exhibited in Baie Saint-Paul during that Fall Festival presented in the majestic Charlevoix area.

Union Village Covered Bridge
"Union Village Covered Bridge"
16" x 12"
Winsor & Newtown watercolors on Richeson 140 lb. cold press

Vermont is at the peak of color right now and this is what it looks like. I painted this from a photograph in a style I call "shape painting." Shapes become individual wet-on-wet paintings and interact by sitting next to one another combining into a quilt of color.

Annette Compton
Windswept - this autumn morning
"Windswept - this autumn morning"
7.5 x 7.5"
Saunders Waterford CP 200lb - Holbein Watercolors

Tangles of leaves still cling to their branches despite a cool autumn wind. The colours are softer and slower to turn this year as the Niagara landscape and I await the first hard frost.

Linda Kemp Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
15 x 21

The scenery at this small lake is always winsome, but in the fall it comes to its full glory.

Bountiful Harvest
"Bountiful Harvest"
30" x 22"
300 lb. cold-pressed Arches

I have always loved vintage trucks and have painted them many times.I also love the beautiful pumpkins of autumn, so combining them in a painting was an obvious choice for me.

Barbara Sailor
Fall at Jay Peak, Vermont
"Fall at Jay Peak, Vermont"
W/C on140lb. Arches

Recently,I was playing the golf course at Jay Peak. The Autumn color was at it's peak. Spectacular for the golfer & photographer, as well. Great inspiration for a painting.

June Haynes

""Autumn's Logs" No 1"
38X56 cm
Arches rough 840 gr

More than 15 years ago, I painted a series of watercolor paintings around the Mount Olympus, North Greece.This painting is of that series, in 1994, an area North of Olympus. You can see in the deep, the mountain range of Pieria, during the autumn. I keep the painting simple with free and bold brush strokes, wet on wet. giving the sense of humidity.

Simon Dermentzidis
Autumn Leaves
"Autumn Leaves"
22" x 30"
Arches 140 lb., Winsor & Newton

All colors were splashed on wet-into-wet in tints, then enriched with glazes to form negative and positive leaf shapes.

Nita Leland
Fall Into This
"Fall Into This"
20" x 14"
Arches 300 wt CP / Winsor & Newton

Another stretch for me but that's why I do these. What better place to practice and learn? There's some amazing talent here and I'm all ears and eyes- Oh,the only thing I like about Fall is the colors! It's all about the colors anyway- right? Thanks

Barry Launius
Leaf Collection
"Leaf Collection"
Arches cold press watercolor block

Last fall we went camping with a group of dear friends during a beautiful weekend. The fall colors were wonderful! I sat at the picnic table at our campsite one afternoon and painted this using some of the leaves that I'd picked up while walking. It provokes happy memories for me.

Leslie Brasher
Apple Season
"Apple Season"
dye on Aquarelle 140# paper

Does this count for Fall colors? Nosy snake in the apple tree.

Patricia Roshaven
The Puddle
"The Puddle"
Strathmore 140 lbs / W&N

We went to Purgatory Chasm when in Newport RI. I couldn't paint the chasm but this scene was what I saw the moment I stepped out of the car.

Betul Aydiner
Fall at the lake
"Fall at the lake"
15 x 22 inch
lanaquarelle cold press

Fall at the lake is another painting without a reference photo. Inspired by a lake my mother in laws holiday home is close by. The lakes is called chapfensee . It was painted only two weeks ago. Here too fall is turning our wold into warm colors.

Claudia Arztmann
Golden Forest
"Golden Forest"
28X36 Framed
Arches 140

This was painted with lots of masking. Strips of color were painted as an undercoat. I then was careful as I finished to use color with the same temp as the undercoat. I spent a lot of time softning my hard edges after the mask was removed.

Pauline Healey
Fall Bouquet
"Fall Bouquet"

I have always loved bouquets of fall flowers because of their earthy, subdued colors which differ so from the dazzling, bright colors of summer. In this painting I've tried to portray what it is that I love so much about these last flowers of the season.

Judy Silver
Autumn Stream
"Autumn Stream"
10 h x 14 w
transparent watercolor on 300 lb. Arches

Fall at the foot of Old Rag Mountain in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg
Chandler Hill
"Chandler Hill"
11 x 6
Arches 140 lb/ watercolor

A few days ago, a few of my friends and I gathered at Chandler Hill Vineyard and painted the wonderful view from the deck. Chandler Hill Vineyard is close to Defiance, MO which is close to St Louis!

Rosie Phillips
Autumn at Lake Hayes
"Autumn at Lake Hayes"
24" x 10"
Arches Rough - Watercolour

Lake Hayes is not far from Queenstown in the south of the South Island of New Zealand - an area much beloved by painters. The lake is backed by the Remarkables (mountains) it is one of my favourite areas, particularly in autumn - or fall!

Roy Boston
Bridge in Fall
"Bridge in Fall"
d'Arches Paper - W/N pains

Color of Leaves and the Fall Season is my favorite time of year...fall colors inspire many of my paintings and are fresh with the bright colors of red, yellow, and earth tones.

Virginia Haines