close ups

Bourgeon de Lys Asiatique Orange
"Bourgeon de Lys Asiatique Orange"
7 1/4" h x 10 7/8" w
transparent & iridescent watercolor on D' Arches 300 lb. CP

The cracking open of an orange Asiatic lily

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Remember Why We Came
"Remember Why We Came"
transparent watercolour

This painting was part of a campaign to save some wild island beach from developers, and happily, it worked. I used a size 12 Loew-Cornell cheap brush on the shells, which worked beautifully; my photography skills are not too slick, so this is a detail of the finished piece.

Pat Chapin
22 X 28
Arches 140#

While on a wc painting trip in Scotland, I saw these amazingly large salmon-colored poppies everywhere. I just had to take close-up photos.

Doris Roberts
140 lb. Arches (cold-pressed) Holbein watercolors

Cranstina is the fiance of my grandson's friend. I took the source photo at their graduation from college. She is a very interesting young woman.

Barbara Sailor
Clay Jugs Distorted
"Clay Jugs Distorted"
11" x 8"
140# Arches CP; cadmium red, new gamboge, French ultramarine

This is a design sketch based on a realistic watercolor, playing with color and distortion.

Nita Leland
Orchidaceae Phalaenopsis
"Orchidaceae Phalaenopsis"
10" x 8"
Watercolor on 300 gr Arches paper

This painting was done after a trip to our beautiful Botanical Garden in Montreal. I took over 350 photos on my digital camera and I always try to go a couple of times a year. It is a pleasure for the eyes and all our senses to visit this place. I wanted to show the delicate beauty of this flower up close and personal.

Lorraine Arsenault
Prettiest of all
"Prettiest of all"
10" x 10"
Watercolor; Arches paper 300 lb hot pressed

I love it when my apple tree blooms in spring - it's a big old tree that fills up most of my window. Hardly a year goes by that I don't immortalize a blossom or two.

Mary Doane
Huarache's & Seashells
"Huarache's & Seashells"
20"x 12"
Arches 300 wt.cold press Winsor & Newton paints

Just something out of the ordinary for me. Enjoyed it! Wondering about placing something between the two shells in upper left or not? Ideas? Thanks for the opportunity!

Barry Launius
Le collier de perles / Pearl necklace
"Le collier de perles / Pearl necklace"
10" h x 8" w
No glass watercolor (varnished) on Waterford 200 lb c.p.

I thought that it would be nice to add a pearl necklace to this this glass perfume bottle. I like to paint from life, with the subject in front of me.

Lorraine P. Dietrich, iaf, news
12" x 16"
Arches 140 lb.

Painted on site at the memorial gardens in Orange County Park, NY. These are planted to replace fall flowers as they remain colorful until the snow comes.

M. E. Whitehill
Inner Fire
"Inner Fire"
18 x 24
Winsor & Newton transparent watercolor on Arches paper

A peek into the inner sanctum of a fully opened red lotus... it gave me a feeling of the passion hidden within a bloom more known for its serenity.

Eileen B. Escueta
Arches 140 cp

One of my painting buddies had a pot of marigolds on her patio, and their bright yellow faces just called out to me.

Michelle Himes
Magnolia -Last glory
"Magnolia -Last glory"
140lbs-cold press

Once I had a magnolia tree in my back yard. After I painted this last flower, the tree died. This was my very first painting of a large scale.

Kyong Burke

This is a small study of shiny objects that I did with my painting group.

Claudia Arztmann
To Start
"To Start"
10"h x 14"w
Arches 300 cp

One of a long series of egg and shell studies in transparent watercolor. My watercolor instructor many years ago had the class paint egg shells as an introduction to the media. I soon realized what a valuable lesson it was and have my beginners paint eggs and shells to this day.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg
Papeete Market, Tahiti
"Papeete Market, Tahiti"
18" x 14"
Arches Rough 185 gsm

Wandering around the market in Papeete, while on holiday in Tahiti, I was fascinated by the colourful range of hats and scarves on many of the stalls. A great spot for watercolour.

Roy Boston
Cherry Blossom
"Cherry Blossom"
Arches cold press, W&N

This was as "close" as I ever got :)

Betul Aydiner
Lorraine's Irises
"Lorraine's Irises"
26" x 20"
Arches 140#

I thought the geometric shapes of my neighbor's deck made a nice contrast to the organic flower shapes. I masked out the flowers before painting the latticework. It was a fun painting to work on - one of my few flower paintings.

Richard Price
In Your Face
"In Your Face"
12 x 12
W & N paint on Fabriano HP

Although this turned out more cartoonish than I intended, it does show that curiosity is an equine's middle name. Needing to know what you're doing brings them right in your face.

Judy Silver
15" x 17"
Fabriano Artistico

When I told Malik I might do a painting from this photo I took of him in Venice Beach, he answered that the question was not if I would do a painting, but when... It took me 4 years to dare confront his powerfull personality!

Gilles Durand
Raindrops on Roses
"Raindrops on Roses"
11 x 15
140 # Arches CP/Daniel Smith Extra Fine WC

I painted this as a demo during a class on how-to paint raindrops or water droplets on flowers and leaves. I tried to show the drops in several different shapes, positions, and angles. It worked as a good teaching tool, but as a painting I think there may be one or two drops too many. Thanks for letting me share! Susie

Susie Short
Butterfly Moon
"Butterfly Moon"
watercolor/mixed media

A fantasy garden using rice fiber paper collage, and stamping techniques with watercolor paint.

Margi Hafer

Bev Willis
Equine eye of the beholder
"Equine eye of the beholder"
6 X 8
Killimanjaro paper 140 lb

The eyes are the heart and soul of the animal so I feel are the most important part of the painting and must be well done or the painting doesn't "speak".

Gina Hall
Painting Myself
"Painting Myself"
Fabriano/ M Graham

I liked the idea of painting myself as I painted myself.

Nancy Blum

""I'm So Glad""
8" X 10"
Arches 140 lb. cold press bright white paper

This was in my garden, I photographed it so many times! Finally I stood with the early morning sun coming over my shoulder, laid it on the floor of my deck, stood on the lower step, and zoomed in, and this is my rendition of what I got. That's why the shadow is above it instead of below it. My daughter says I ought to turn it another way, but I'm not going to do it, and that's that! Cia

Cecilia Price
It's Me!
"It's Me!"
11 x 14
watercolor on Arches 300# hot pressed

Self portrait close up

Rosie Phillips
Watercolor on canvas tectured paper

This is a close up painting of one of my Tree Peonys, it is very large, almost completely white, with a little pink, and almost always the first peony to bloom in my garden.

Annika Farmer
Christmas Candy
"Christmas Candy"
12" x 16"
Daniel Smith paints on 300lb Arches

I wanted to try to paint cellophane. It ended up being my Christmas card in 2003 which was fun. I was glad to go back and find this for the subject of "Close-ups" and may do some more of these after I'm finished preparing for a show of my oils on big skies and under ground dwellings–the complete opposite of a close-up!

Annette Compton
Watercolor of Kilee's hands with Violin & Bow
"Watercolor of Kilee's hands with Violin & Bow"
8" x 5" closeup
d'arches watercolor paper

A closeup of Kilee's hands in watercolor which is much more difficult than I anticipated. This study was necessary in order to complete a full figure portrait of the girl.

Virginia Haines
Water Lilies
"Water Lilies"
Arches CP 140#

When I saw this beautiful waterlily in my garden pond, I just knew I had found my subject for "close-ups". It was so calm and cool that morning, that I did most of the painting out in the garden.

Carla Quataert