Bitts and Hawsers
"Bitts and Hawsers"
38" h x 29.5" w
140 lb CP paper. 3 color palette + graphite grey

Ship ropes that I hung onto while seasick. I had been releasing yearling endangered specie Kemp's Ridley sea turtles out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt

""Fishing Boats""
winsor newton paint, arches paper 140lb

A couple of boats resting betwwen trips at Plymouth Harbor

Phyllis McDonough
Propelers' memories.
"Propelers' memories."
38 X 28 cm
1997. Arches 840 gr. Wet on wet and pen.

I painted this theme during a walk to the port of call,of my city Katerini, Greece,in 1997.My thougths were mixed and comfused. When I saw these two old fishing boats waiting to be repared, I wondered, what are these two propelers are talking together? Do they remember the adventures they lived, as we, me, do; desiring to live again our memories?Life is too short, so create and give love.

Simeon Dermentzidis
Kyleakin Ferry, Isle of Skye
"Kyleakin Ferry, Isle of Skye"
Fabriano Uno 140 lb SP

Castle Moil across the old Kyle Akin ferry slip (no longer running, since bridge opened in 1995) - we took the ferry to Skye back before the bridge and found the island fascinating. I made this painting years later, from my photographs and memories. Reflecting on the reflections, I guess.

Barry D. Lindley
Bean Rock
"Bean Rock"
14''x 20"
Arches Rough 180 gsm

Bean Rock is an old wooden lighthouse in Auckland Harbour - the view of Bean Rock from the Devonport waterfront is depcted in this quiet painting.

Roy Boston
Gentle Winds
"Gentle Winds"
Watercolor on yupo

Painting of boats at the dock in Destin, Florida.

Annika Farmer
Antigua Sailin
"Antigua Sailin"
18" x 12"
Canson 140/ Winsor Newton

I became very disinterested in this painting. Need to focus more. Just returned from a trip but left my mind behind.

Barry Launius
Dernière Escale (last mooring), St Mandrier
"Dernière Escale (last mooring), St Mandrier"
11" x 14"
Winsor & Newton on Fabriano C.P. 140lb

I did this quick sketch on site in June last year. This old salt rests near a naval base in Saint Mandrier, a nice fishing village, and also the name of the peninsula which protects Toulon harbor on the south side. Because of its ideally sheltered situation, Toulon has long been a bustling center for the French Navy .

In The North Woods
"In The North Woods"
10" x 13"
140 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper

A scene from the north woods in Wisconsin.

Barbara Sailor
lobster boat
"lobster boat"
11 x 15 inch
Lanaquarelle cold press

I photographed this scene in Maine about 15 Years ago and alway wanted to patint this boat, so finally for this exhibiton I was able to do so.

Claudia Arztmann