Bowing Pooch
"Bowing Pooch"
12" x 16"
140 wt arches

I am an avid supporter of an incredible no kill shelter in Playa del Carmen, MX called The Peanut Pet Shelter. They are having an Art Auction/Sale on the 28th of this month. Can't wait to get there and out of this snow! This one's for them.

Barry Launius
Bathing Beauty
"Bathing Beauty"
10cm x 15cm
Watercolour on Arches Watercolour paper

This was done from a photo I took at the Florida aquarium in Tampa. It reminded me of my son's pet Domino, a turtle which we had for a few years.

Lorraine Arsenault
16 x 20
W & N on Arches 140 CP

Abbey is a beloved hound who owns my friends, Scott and Lorraine. She was gracious enough to pose in her favorite chair for a brief moment.

Richard Price
Bellla Eating My Tulips
"Bellla Eating My Tulips"
11 x 14
watercolor on Yupo paper

When Bella was a puppy, which she has just turned 2 and IS STILL IN THE PUPPY STAGE, she would run through the colorful tulips in my yard and bite off the wonderful, colorful blooms! She was so cute but in so much trouble!

Rosie Phillips
Tallulah by the window
"Tallulah by the window"
14 by 10
D'Arches rough 140#

This is my beautiful, patient, oldish greyhound mix, Tallulah. She's still teaching me calm.

Martha Keim-St. Louis
22 x 15
ArcHES 300#

While on a painting trip to Greece, homeless cats and dogs were seen everywhere. Loved the way the cats lined up for me in Oia on Santorini. Everyone leaves dry food and water for them. Very tame.

Winter Waxeyes
"Winter Waxeyes"
24cm x 16cm
Arches Rough 300gsm

Every winter we feed a large range of birds from a feeder on our deck outside the lounge room. These are the most commn and plentiful birds that arrive every day - the Waxeyes

Roy Boston
10 X 12
140# killimanjaro, Daniel Smith paint

This is a California Desert Tortoise that I adopted about a year ago. He is quite a character and lives in the house in the winter. I painted this for his previous owner who reluctantly gave him up after 20 years. He hatched him from an egg.

Gina Hall

""Cat House""
arches 140lb w/c paper/ winsor newton paint

These cats live in this cat house whilst waiting for someone to adopt them.

Phyllis McDonough
Bubbles and Pepper
"Bubbles and Pepper"
22 x 15
Arches 140#CP - Daniel Smith Watercolors

Every afternoon these two critters would sit for hours and taunt each other. The beta would swim up as close as he could to the edge of the bowl and them flip his tail almost as if he were making a jesture as he darted back to the opposite side of the fishbowl. Believe it or not this chubby kitty used the fish bowl as his drinking water and never tried to catch the beta. They were fun to watch and more fun to paint!

Susie Short

A scruffy-looking dog appeared at a friend's front porch one day, pregnant and looking quite at home. Friend's family let her stay and when she had her puppies, found good homes for them. She was named Dogma and became the family pet, or more to the fact, she adopted the family. She passed away last year, to the extreme grief of everyone. I made this watercolor sketch as a gift to my friend's children.

Eileen Bondoc-Escueta
Brutus the Reindeer
"Brutus the Reindeer"
9" x 9"
140 lb. cold-pressed Arches

This is from a picture I took of my daughter's St. Bernard during the holidays. Brutus is a very gentle giant, but a reluctant reindeer.

Barbara Sailor
6 x 10
arches 300 lb cold press --mostly Winsor and Newton paints

"Flint" is one of two shelter cats that now are rule our home.

Gwendolyn C. Bragg