Night Life (Blue City Blues II)
"Night Life (Blue City Blues II)"
watercolor on Arches 300HP

This painting is part of a series, each inspired by, and painted under the influence of, a particular blues song, and each using a triad of colors centered on a different blue. This one used Winsor Blue, quinacridone burnt orange, and quinacridone magenta. The blue linear pattern actually reflects the rhythm of the song, so in a sense the painting is representational.

Barry D. Lindley
Harmonie d'Octobre / Harmony
"Harmonie d'Octobre / Harmony"
8 x 7 inches, 2009
transparent watercolour on Arches 140 rough

Shapes of autumn leaves are only suggested. Transparence, superposition of washes and textures are present to convey depth in the composition.

Lorraine P. Dietrich, iaf, news
9 x 9
rice paper painted w/ watercolor collaged onto watercolor Arches

this painting was done as an experiment with painted rice paper then collaged onto watercolor paper in a composition and then again painted in places to increase value or color. the result was a mystic looking treescape!

Rosie Phillips
18 x 12
Arches Reeves BK

My first attempt at an abstract landscape after a workshop with Tony Smibert in Tasmania - I love landscape and to reduce it to it's bare elements is something that I strive for

Roy Boston
Petroglyphic Patterns on Yupo
"Petroglyphic Patterns on Yupo"
8" x 11"
watercolor on yupo paper

This is one in a series of small abstract paintings on Yupo paper in which I used petroglyphs as inspiration.

Barbara Sailor
15 x 22 inch
Lanaquarelle cold press

I started this painting without a plan, just putting some cool colours on the paper in a light wash, coming back a while later I got the feel of a cold, icy landscape, so I put some more cool colours down, coverd the wet paint with cyran wrap used some white pastels until I was happy with the result. I can't tell you what it is, but it feels like Antarctic to me.

Claudia Arztmann
25" x 20"
300# Arches

Mostly watercolor with some acrylic, this painting is mostly symbolism, both good and bad, that relates in some way to a casino.

Richard Price
Vermeer Was Here
"Vermeer Was Here"
Watercolor on Gesso covered paper

Annika Farmer
18 x 6
Arches 300#

Quite frankly, the painting started out one way and ended another way. I had previously painted a small-sized painting of large rocks with a waterfall and wanted to paint it again, but larger. It failed and so I cropped and this is what came of it!!!

Louise Franco
5 x 5
Watercolor painting

This is a painting of the Treasury Building in Petra Jordan. It is all carved out of rock.

Sharon Barikmo
9"H x 6W"
Arches 140 cp; Winsor & Newton watercolors

This is a design exercise contrasting straight lines and curves and using intensity contrast and complementary contrast of colors to emphasize a focal point.

Nita Leland
Garden Fantasy
"Garden Fantasy"
Fabriano Uno hot press

Judy Silver
As above, so below
"As above, so below"
Strathmore, W&N

I have been thinking for a while on how to add another dimension to my painting by using mysticism. This is the first one in that line.

Betul Aydiner
Borders Broken
"Borders Broken"
16" x 12"
Watercolor and Gouache on 140 lb. Cold Press

This started as six separate paintings divided by one inch borders. I was contemplating the irony of a unified Europe facing the ruptures from Ireland and Greece on a recent trip abroad and this evolved. Gouache adds an interesting surface tension and provides a way to restore white areas that help energize the painting.

Annette Compton
Green Scraf
"Green Scraf"
10 X 10
W&N 140# CP

Okay, the nude is representational, but I think the presentation gives an abstract asapect to it.

Pat Davis

56 X 76 cm
Arches 840 gr Rough

From my serie "Womem's Moments".Semiabstract technique. "Europe", so simple.

Simeon Dermentzidis
Celestial View
"Celestial View"
9 x 12

This abstract painting was executed as a mono print. I have done several of them and always like the unforeseen results of shapes, lines and the blending of colors.

Denise Schill
Orange Asiatic Lily  © 2009
"Orange Asiatic Lily © 2009"
7 3/8" h x 10 13/16" w
Watercolor on 300 lb. D'Arche's C.P.

Enlarged, the cracking open of an orange Oriental lily takes on an abstract quality.

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Parisian Lady
"Parisian Lady"
20 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

A Light hearted Characterisation of my imaginary lady of the night

Saville Bradshaw