1. Select the image on your computer that you want to submit, it should be a jpg, gif or png image file
    1. Click on the Browse button below. That should open a window on your computer that will guide you to the images you have stored there
    2. Go thru your images until you find the one you want to submit
    3. Select the image, and that should insert it into the form, you will see the filename appear next to the Browse button
  2. Fill out the fields underneath with as much information as you care to. The only required entries are title and artist's name
    Please do not add quotes around the text you type in
  3. Click on the submit button
    please click it only once and wait for a message telling you if it succeeded or not, it may take several minutes to upload your file
    If you have trouble uploading a png file, try saving it as a jpg - not all programs save png files correctly

Select the file to upload: 
* Title
Paper/Paint info
* Artist's name
Web page to link to
leave blank if you want a page on aquanet