• Sponsorship costs $25.00 per year
  • Aquanet membership is still free
  • All members, sponsors or not, still get to participate in the monthly theme gallery and to submit work for the monthly critique
  • Sponsorship is for a one year period, you may choose to become a sponsor at any time
  • Each Sponsor will be have an image featured, with a link to their own work in one of the two following forms:
    • Their own page here on aquanet, a standard page designed by Raymond but containing up to five images submitted by the Sponsor. The contents of this page are fixed for the year.
    • A link to their own website
  • Sponsors get a link to their sponsor page entry on aquanet to place on their own website cross linking is good
  • The image and sponsors page that you get are fixed for the year (in other words, we set it up and it stays that for a year)
  • You may purchase multiple sponsorships, this will get you multiple sponsor page entries
  • Sponsorship is paid for by Paypal or by sending a check
  • The sponsors' page will be ready for initial sponsors during the last week of July
Click here to email Raymond if you are interested in being a sponsor.
Raymond will send you payment instructions and once payment is sent, your entry will go up!
To submit your work for the sponsor page, click here