The evolution of a painting
by Claudia Artzmann

The Reference Photo, taken not far from my home at our river Thur. The Photograph was taken in early spring there was still no greenery on the trees and bushes but I wanted to make the scene a summer painting.
The drawing: just to put everything where I want it and covering up the branches and some pebbles to preserve the whites.
Then I laid in the first wash of cerulean blue with a little ultramarine blue...
In the next step I painted the far river side with yellow core and put already down some shadows (a mix of blue red and ochre)
In the meantime the blue of the sky has dried and I wet the area where I wanted my foliage. I put in different greens and sprayed a little clear water with the spray bottle in top of it, while the whole area was still wet I scraped in branches with a palette knife.
The next step was to paint the water. First I put down a wash of ultramarine and cerulean blue. For the reflection color I mixed hookers green and indigo  and put some vertical strokes into my wet paint to create the feeling of reflections.
To create more depth I thought shadows on the foreground riverbank would work well.
After I spattered some dark paint with the toothbrush onto the foreground and put some shadows under the people and rocks.
I removed the masking fluid.

In the finishing step I added some details with a rigger brush to the branches and to the pebbles on the shore and I covered up my spatters in the sky with some birds.

Claudia Artzmann