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AQUANET started in early June, 1995, when one watercolorist, Cecilia Price, posted a note in an arts newsgroup. She simply asked people to write to her if they wished to discuss watercolor techniques. Many people answered her letter. Everyone in the group, which was small then, wanted all the addresses of the others. Cecilia sent out a list to everyone, and soon they were all asking questions and sending replies. The list got longer and longer! The people on the list were going crazy trying to keep up with the email addresses.

Then one of the members decided to write a listserve for the group. Little did he know that it would get to be 200 members one day and reach artists from all over the world..some of them as far away as Scotland, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Canada and all over the United States. His name is Raymond Blum. He is still our "majordomo" and he makes sure that the list is faithful to its stated purpose:

To provide a place where a group of artists who share a common interest in painting with watercolor can support each others efforts and share ideas and information.

The group has been through many changes and many stages; and have discussed everything having to do with watercolor....and they still have more to say!

So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy our site. Explore the galleries and see some samples of our work. Then click on the links and visit our web sites.

Some of us paint to sell and others paint purely for the creative experience and can't bear to part with our gems. But every one of us would enjoy hearing from you so your comments and feedback are welcome.

This site is an active and evolving project and we will be making changes and adding new work from time to time. Come back and visit us again. New members are always welcome and you can easily join the list by visting:

. http://www.cleverwhiz.com/mailman/listinfo/aquanet

Members are invited to add a link to the Aquanet Art website by copying and pasting this image addressed to: http://www.aquanetart.com

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Present Members:
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